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If the miners don t adopt an upgrade to Bitcoin, it won t happen.   Right now, the majority of miners are signaling they will adopt something called BIP 91, which is a very important step towards an actual update of the Bitcoin software why is bitcoin falling august 2017. But the miners decided to activate one of those mini upgrades earlier, so the actual upgrade will likely happen a few days earlier. It took years to talk the community into upgrading to SegWit; now imagine having to explain to that same community they need to switch to another upgrade in a matter of hours. Some think it should not be done at all, some think it should be done in a different way. Bitcoin is maintained by developers (the most important of which are known as the Bitcoin Core team), but changes to it must be deployed in a democratic way. If a majority of miners say yes, then there s a bigger chance that the upgrade will go through why is bitcoin falling august 2017. Even more importantly, a successful upgrade will pave the way for future upgrades of the software. An obvious solution is to increase the block size, and there s a proposal to do so called SegWit, but there s a number of reasons why it s not trivial to adopt. Then, in two weeks, they will adopt SegWit, which is what all this mess is about. There s a chance that some of the miners will change their mind at the very last second, with the whole upgrade falling through.   Upgrading Bitcoin, democratically Bitcoin needs an upgrade. All this uncertainty can be ascribed, as many experts do, to growing pains, and it s likely that in the future Bitcoin will be a far more robust system. The terminology is obscure, the dates constantly shift, and there s a a lot of uncertainty about the entire process.   How do you upgrade a software that s decentralized. The software, which was originally released in 2009, has mostly worked quite well, but lately it s become painfully obvious that some aspects of it can t cope with the increased demands of its growing community. Everything lined up above sounds as if things are working as intended. In 2010, a bug in Bitcoin code was discovered, enabling users to create an infinite number of bitcoins.

  And there could be an unforeseen technical glitch in the new code. This means that often there s no strict date when something must happen, only estimates. Keep abreast of significant corporate, financial and political developments around the world. It’s a complicated process, but things are looking good right now for that rift not actually happening. This is why Bitcoin s price has been so volatile lately, and it will likely continue to be so, at least until the dust on the entire SegWit thing has settled. And Bitcoin s core community is very, very conservative when it comes to change. Following all of this can be a chore; check this visual outline or this guide if you want to know more. If they adopt a change that s not supported by the majority of actual users and exchanges, they could become stranded and ultimately unable to sell the bitcoins they created. They are essentially ways to make the miners say yes, I agree to the upgrade before the upgrade is actually deployed. No major bugs in Bitcoin have been discovered since, but then again, changes of this magnitude were not deployed often. The bridge towards a new Bitcoin is built To make this upgrade a little easier to adopt, developers have come up with a couple of ideas that make the switch more gradual.   Close Subscribe to the FT to read: Financial Times Best of FT Money 2017: Bitcoin for investors — what the experts think Make informed decisions.   Here s a short overview of what s happening and what s likely to happen with Bitcoin in the near future, using terms you can understand.   Disclosure: The author of this text owns, or has recently owned, a number of cryptocurrencies, including BTC and ETH. If you read about Bitcoin lately, you probably noticed August 1 as an important date. But the Bitcoin community was orders of magnitude smaller and things were easier to fix back then, so the patch was successfully deployed in a matter of hours after it was discovered.   Bitcoin s price has been swinging wildly in the last couple of months, but now it s surging again. Right now, you can only write a very low number of transactions on one page.

  Think of a blockchain as a big notebook.   Not exactly smooth sailing yet Bitcoin is not only new software; it s a new type of software. But if you think investing into Bitcoin now is easy money, tread carefully.QASH.
. Suffice to say that some Bitcoin developers, proponents and miners hate the idea for a variety of technical and political reasons. But there’s a lot of folks who want to do a transaction, so there’s not enough room on the page. The largest issue is the block size in Bitcoin s blockchain, which has spurred a long and painful debate among Bitcoin developers.   The author of this text would like to thank Luka Zubović for his suggestions and corrections. Worse, if the miners do not agree on an important decision, something called a hard fork can happen, meaning Bitcoin would be split into two separate cryptocurrencies, which is generally a bad thing. A new Bitcoin should arise, one that can process a lot more transactions per block than the current version. This is a complex upgrade with some things happening at a designated date and time, others happening when a certain block is mined and still others when a certain milestone is reached on the Bitcoin network. The update has the chance of causing a serious rift that threatens some of the best things about Bitcoin, including how easy it is to use.   This is where miners enter the picture. Stay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expert commentary and analysis you can trust.   Making Bitcoin faster Changing Bitcoin is not an easy feat, but we ve reached a point when an upgrade is necessary. So why such a big hubbub over the whole upgrade.   If everything goes according to plan, sometime in mid-November, Bitcoin will finally become a new version of Bitcoin, but the change should be painless. When that happens in a piece of software maintained by a centralized authority, like Apple s iOS, a fix is fairly simple: Apple releases a fixed version, and users simply install it over the old one. .


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